‚ÄčGeneral Rules

1. Game Duration 40 minute

2 - 20 minute halves (Running Clock

1 minute half time period

1 Timeout allowed per team each game

1a. Games are 5v5 (4 Field Players & 1 Goalie)

1b. Teams consist of 7-12 Players (Exceptions can be made)

2. 1 Timeout/Team allowed each game

1st Half = 1 Minute Running Clock

2nd Half = 1 Minute Clock Stopped

3. No offsides

4. Slide tackles (Strictly prohibited)

5. NO HEADING ALLOWED  (U12 and below)

6. Substitutions are made on the fly (Within 5ft of the bench)

7. All kick-ins, restarts and goalkeeper possessions must be completed in 5 seconds or turnover restart from half court

8. Kick-off
All players must be in their own half
Defenders must be a minimum of 10 feet away
The ball must go forward

9. Boundaries
The ball must be completely over the end line or sideline to be out of bounds

Once the ball has entered the goal arc, the keeper may pick it up

10. Kick-ins

The ball must be kicked from the spot where it crossed the touchline
The ball may be played to the goalkeeper on the kick-in
All kick-ins are indirect

11. Goal Clearances
The goalkeeper must throw or roll the ball from anywhere in the goal area
Throws may not go over the half court line
The ball must leave the goal area before it can be touched by another player
On a save the goalkeeper may put the ball on the floor and play using his/her feet
The goalkeeper must distribute the ball in 5 seconds

12. Goalkeeper Specific Rules

When the goalkeeper releases the ball, it may be passed back once to the goalkeeper in the goal area (crease).  After the goalkeeper releases the ball, the goalkeeper must leave the goal area (crease) before touching the ball again on a pass from his/ her teammates, unless the other team gains possession in the interim.
May not use their hands on a back pass from a teammate
May not dribble into the goal area and use their hands

 13. Free Kicks
All free kicks are direct

Opponents must be 10ft away from the spot of the kick

14. Accumulated Fouls
Each team will only be allowed to commit 7 fouls over the course of the game
Each foul after 7 will result in a breakaway penalty (Power Play)

14 accumulated fouls will result in an automatic forfeit - 0-5 Loss

Intentional hand balls will count as a foul committed

15. Forfeited Games will result in a 0-5 Loss

16. Tie Breakers - Head to Head > Goals Against > Goal Differencial